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Here you can find christian singles

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Here, you will find serious online dating with christian people

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Oneamour is serious site for christian people

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The online dating industry has witnessed a significant rise in its user base. With millions of active users worldwide, it can become challenging to find a compatible partner.

For instance, if you have particular partner preferences, what are the chances you will find them in the dating platform you are in?

Online Dating for Christian Women

The Top Reasons to Try Out Online Dating for Christian Women

The niche dating sites address this issue and try to resolve it. There are dating sites that are crafted for senior singles, country lovers, and even vampire fans. Likewise, there are numerous Christian dating sites for black women and men. If you are looking for a great Christian partner for you, it’s something that you need to consider.

One of the popular Christian websites boasts of more than 13 million active users each month. This website claims to have successfully mingled thousands of Christians. This does not come as a surprise since it is convenient to have a partner that shares the same culture, faith, and values.

Why was a distinct platform needed for Christians?

Currently, only 20% of the United States population follows atheism. This means religion and faith still play a significant role in the majority of people’s lives. They want a marriage centered around Christ. Hence, platforms are created where Christian singles can be matched with each other.

Many of the top regular dating sites have options and filters that are based on faith or religion. This helps you view only the profiles of your interest.

Some websites offer their services only to senior singles who are Christian. This makes an excellent one-stop solution for the matured singles who want to start dating again without compromising faith.

Apart from this, the best Christian online dating for single women (and men) make their services available on apps too. Most of the time, these apps are available on Android as well as iOS devices. The app versions target younger audiences who are looking for love in the Christian community.

As far as safety is concerned, most of the sites require verification via emails or phone numbers. Some websites ask for a link to social media accounts. This ensures protection from catfishing, identity thefts, and other frauds. There are options where you can report indecent behavior and block profiles. Additionally, many dating sites have started giving more control to women. For instance, only the profiles they like can text them. This ensures women’s online safety.

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This is why you should totally opt for exclusively Christian websites.

1. For relationship-minded

The biggest perk is that most of the users are looking for something serious and not just fooling around. So, if marriage, commitment, or a long-term relationship is what you are aiming for, then you will find these dating services helpful. If you are a single Christian woman or man seeking to settle down, then these sites have a lot to offer.

Most of the users on Christian sites have common beliefs and values, and hence they make perfect matches. Both sides are aware of the conventions and traditions. Thus, they are less likely to end up divorced.

Just like most of the niche sites, these sites have paid usage after the trial period ends. This makes sure that only quality profiles make their way into the platform.

For women, these sites are the right solution to ‘how to meet single Christian men,’ as the Christian dating sites filter the potential matches.

2. Meet local people

With the advanced location settings, you come across matches that are nearby your locality. In this way, you can meet the person in real life easily. You even get to know a person through messaging and video calls before deciding to go on a date. Even though most users prefer dating locals, there are instances where online dating has gone halfway across the globe to match soulmates.

3. Meet like-minded people

Online dating sites are designed to match people who share common interests. For those who have a common religion as a prerequisite for relationship and marriage, Christian dating sites fulfill this condition. You can match with people who have the same faith and share the same values.

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These are the reasons why you may not want to turn to faith-driven websites

1. Narrows down scope

As the websites are crafted only for the Christian community, other faiths are excluded. This narrows down your choice immensely. If you are a single Christian man looking for marriage with a woman from another community (and vice versa), then these sites are not for you.

Besides this, it is not necessary that you will find love only in a particular community. In fact, by limiting your scope, you might miss out on the love of your life.

2. Not for fun or casual dates

The faith-oriented websites only attract people that are inclined towards settling down. Most of the users are looking for marriages and relationships. If you don’t intend to settle down, then these sites are not for you. These websites do offer dates and pen-pals, but they are definitely not for hookups.

3. Might be expensive for some

Exclusively Christian dating sites are niche sites, and hence, they charge for premium services. Some websites charge for basic services like texting and browsing profiles. At the same time, some other websites charge for taking down irking ads. Moreover, paying for an expensive monthly subscription may not always guarantee success.


If you aim to settle down and have a successful marriage within your community, these sites will certainly not disappoint you. This niche’s top-rated sites credit themselves for several successful marriages, relationships, friendships, and even pen pals. The sites connect their niche community worldwide.

However, if you are not much concerned about marrying into the same community, regular dating sites are right for you. You can also try the community-based filters there though they might not be as effective as online dating for Christian women-centric dating platforms.