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“Fix your eyes on Jesus and the plans he has for your life. Look ahead, and run after him with all your heart. Then look around. Whoever has kept up with you, marry that person.”

― Debra Fileta, True Love Dates: Your Indispensable Guide to Finding the Love of your Life

The online dating industry users are increasing day by day, and even after a million swipes and likes, you may not find a compatible partner. This is where the niche online dating gains ground.

Just like there are dedicated online dating sites for single parents, country folk, and even vampire fans, numerous websites provide service to those who are looking for Christian partners.

Online Dating for Christian Men

A top-rated website specially made for Christian matchmaking has over 13.5 million active users every month. This highlights that people are looking for a match who shares their religious views, faith, and values. This site has more women than men, so it is easier for men to find women match on Christian websites.

What is the need for Christian dating sites for men and women?

Today, more than 20% of the United States population is not affiliated with any religion. Meanwhile, religious faith still plays a significant role in many lives. Hence, a platform, especially for people who share religious sentiments, was needed. It brings together the singles that want a suitable partner without compromising on faith.

Interestingly, some top dating sites also offer specific options and filters based on faith and religion. This, along with the elaborate behavioral questionnaires and algorithms, helps you find perfect matches according to your preferences.

In addition to this, some other dating sites offer their services, specially to senior singles that are looking for partners who share their faith. These online dating for Christian men and women helps the singles to mingle using their platform.

The best Christian online dating for men and women offers their services on websites and apps on Android and iOS. Because the younger Christian population is more tech-friendly, online dating services have extended their reach with mobile apps. This helps them capture the younger population.

Apart from this, most of the websites provide a few days’ free trials, so you can decide whether the service is for you or not. Some sites even offer Christian dating advice and tips.

The Top Perks of Online Dating for Christian Men

Reasons why you should consider signing up for a faith-oriented dating website.

Christian couple near the church

1. For relationship-minded

When it comes to making matches based on religious beliefs, you will likely meet an ideal partner and build a long-term relationship. Whether you are looking for dates, relationships, friendships, or even pen pals, most of the sites will meet your requirements.

Any dating site or app aims to match people with their preferences with extensive questionnaires. The faith-driven websites brag of high success rate and genuine profiles. So, if you are a single Christian man looking for marriage, then you are likely to find your soul mate here.

Those who believe that religion and faith are significant in marriages, are likely to end up in a successful marriage or relationship. Chances of divorce are less, as you share common visions and values.

2. Meet local matches

The filters and location settings help you find matches in the vicinity. You can get to know the person a little before you meet them in real life. However, most of the online dating services go beyond locality and match people with their better half anywhere across the globe.

3. Centered around faith

Just like we discussed earlier, believers consider religion and faith vital to their marriage. So, these services are convenient for them as they meet like-minded people. Usually, the relationships are based on conventions and traditions that are accepted by registered users. For both the sides, faith comes first and other things later.

christian couple on a date


This is why you may not want to register on an exclusively Christian dating site.

1. Limits scope

Just like other niche dating sites, online dating services for Christians will only attract a specific demographic. You cannot expect to find a lot of variety on Christian dating sites. If you are trying to decide your exact match (have not fixed your ‘type’ yet), these services are not for you. The crowd that gathers here is mostly looking for something serious and not just swiping profiles for fun.

Besides this, if you sign up for a Christian site, you might miss exploring other types of people. You don’t need to find the love of your life in a Christian community.

Other than this, some specifically Christian sites exclude other faiths. For instance, if you are a woman (of some other faith) looking for a single Christian man, these sites are of little help.

2. Not meant for casual dates

Usually, specialized Christian websites boast of a high success rate for marriages. So, one can get a hint that these platforms are generally filled with people who are commitment-oriented. If you are not looking for something serious or long term, you may not find these sites useful. These sites are not for hookups or casual textationships. Most of the sites are intolerant towards indecent behavior.

3. Can be expensive

The services are pricey, and hence, they attract high-quality profiles. But the downside of this is that the subscriptions can be costly for some users. Some dating sites charge with basic services like messaging and profile viewing. While some charge to take down the annoying ads.

Even with the subscriptions, you may not always find a potential match.


There are numerous online dating services crafted just for Christians. They promise successful marriages and meaningful relationships centered around Christ. If you are looking for a fulfilling marriage or relationship without compromising on your faith, then exclusively Christian services are meant for you. However, if you are relaxed about religious beliefs, then you might want to switch to regular dating sites that have religion-based filters.