The Internet has changed dating completely – relationships have developed into something available at any time in any place, a search of companionship on the web is no longer unusual. People not only prefer meeting online but they also choose dating sites for these purposes. Kismia is a popular dating site, launched in 2012 with nearly 100 million active users, helps singles worldwide to meet each other. The majority of Kismia users are over 30, and in 2020 the most significant portion of them has been registered in France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Latin America, the CIS countries, and Canada.


Advantages of using Kismia

When registering on Kismia dating site, people should be aware of all positive features it has:

  • The registration is free and simple;
  • A smart matching algorithm that considers location, gender, age, dating goal, interests, and backgrounds;
  • Tools that help to break the ice in the dialog (hints, gifts, the list of common interests, the compatibility percentage); 
  • Video call feature for people who prefer seeing their opponent while making the first move.
  • No ads. This feature is available for both Basic and Premium accounts.
  • The site is easy to navigate.
  • Friendly and responsive Support team. Easy to reach and available 24/7.
  • Active anti-fraud system. SSL encryption means that the site is secure and reliable. Assistance of the support team in case of emergency.
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Cons of the website

However, there are some inconveniences users may come across while using Kismia:

  • The exchange of media content (photos, videos, music) during chatting is not available;
  • A  small number of users from some locations;
  • A Basic account allows to chat with Premium users only;
  • The payment options are limited to credit/debit cards and Apple Pay.

How the service works

Sign up Process

The registration process on Kismia is simple and free of charge. While registering, users are required to add basic personal information such as name, gender, date of birth, city, dating goal, and email to their profile. The next step is adding more specific personal information, such as height, weight, ethnicity, marital status, children, education, occupation, approach to alcohol, and smoking. It is important to provide the actual data, because the search algorithm matches users according to the answers they gave when filling in the profile.

After adding personal information, users are asked to upload their photos. Upon uploading photos, the moderation team checks the authenticity of pictures and rejects fake photos, nudity pictures, and other inappropriate photos. Please keep in mind, to choose your current photos where a face is clearly visible. Stay away from group pictures because they make it harder for people to determine which one is you.

The final step of registration is email verification. Users will receive an email with the link to follow in order to finish their registration process.

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Messaging system

Kismia has various tools which make dating much easier. If a person doesn’t know how to do the first step, or is indecisive of what to write, Kismia has tools to help break the ice. If you aren’t sure of what to write – send a gift and the other person will definitely understand that your intentions are serious.

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For people who prefer live chat and hate messages, Video chat feature is available. If both users have an established conversation (at least, one message was sent from each side), they can call and see each other. Video is pretty much as close as you can currently get to a face to face interaction and it often helps to build a rapport between users.


Kismia offers a few options for discovering new people:

  • in the “Matches” section. This section represents a “like/dislike” window with swipes and an option to send a direct message;
  • in the “Search” section. This section is helpful for those users who want to narrow down their search by implying different filters. Basic search is suitable for people looking for a match within their location and in their age range. If you follow to Advanced Search in Search Section, you can search by location, age, marital status, dating goal, interests and many more.
  • through “Suitable,” “Visitors,” and “They like me” lists. These lists help to differentiate suitable people who are already interested in you and want to have a chat.

Reliability and Safety

By giving their personal information, users have to be sure that the dating site is secure. Kismia dating site uses active anti-fraud system. Users can report the other member by clicking Report button and Support team will take it into action immediately. SSL encryption means that the site is reliable and your conversations are protected. In case of emergency you can always address to 24/7 Support team.

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Help and Support

Kismia’s support team is friendly and easy to reach. It is accessible 24/7 and in case of emergency you can always contact it directly. The chat with Support team is available on the site.


There are three types of Subscriptions on Kismia dating site.

Premium Subscription  includes:

  • the access to all photos in all profiles;
  • the ability to see profiles of those who liked you;
  • chatting without limits with everyone on the website;
  • the chat with the support team available 24/7;
  • tools for increasing the popularity on the website;
  • “video calls” feature.

It is possible to purchase Premium Subscription for 3 days, 1, 3, or 6 months.

VIP Status

It is a paid option on the website that offers two benefits:

  • Messages from VIP users are displayed at the top of the message list, making them more visible and therefore increasing the open rate.
  • VIP users are displayed more frequently in the search section of the website.

Users can buy VIP Status for a one-month period.


“Coins” is a virtual currency on the website. With coins, you can:

  • buy virtual Surprises or Gifts to please people that you like;
  • increase popularity.

Free trial

Unfortunately, free trial isn’t available on Kismia; however, there are some free features which include:

  • unlimited swipes (like/dislike);
  • search by city and age;
  • chatting with users who already have a Premium account;
  • sending ready-made messages (greetings);
  • the access to the “Suitable,” “Visitors,” and “I like” lists;
  • the opportunity to browse the website without ads.

Mobile App

Kismia mobile app is scheduled for release at the end of 2020, which will allow users to be even more flexible. Meanwhile, the service provides a convenient mobile version of the website optimized for all devices.


While using a dating site, lots of people don’t dare to do the first step and get to know somebody new. Everyone has different reasons for that – some are afraid of the opponent’s reaction, others aren’t sure of what they are looking for online. But if you have finally decided to look for a soul mate and if you are serious about establishing a long-term connection with like-minded people, then Kismia is worth trying. It has lots of features that help to make your communication simple and engaging. Kismia is the international dating site that helps people to find a mate with similar life goals and interests to chat, go on a date or maybe even start a family.